Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Get Free 3DS Cash Card Codes

How does this work?

You may think that this is too good to possibly be legitimate. Well this isn't another one of those fake "generators" or a contest that you will never win. The way this works is simple. The money that pays for the Nintendo eShop codes comes from various advertisers online that are looking for people to participate on their websites. Your participation could be in the form of a simple registration, completion of a task (mini jobs, such as finding listings of a business) or even just clicking an advertisement, among other things. You don't even have to complete a survey or install any potentially malicious software onto your computer. Once you have participated correctly on enough websites, you are awarded with your very own Nintendo eShop code that was paid for by your activities. 

Step 1: Register

To begin, register here.  Be sure to confirm your email.

Step 2: Earn Points


What is an offer? An offer is just a simple set of instructions which you can follow to earn points.
Completing offers is the fastest way to earn points. On the left side of InstaGC's home page under Earn Points click Do Offers. This is where you can find the various offer walls, which are just lists of offers. To get started, click on the instaGC logo. You will see a lot of different types of offers that vary in point value and difficulty. If you don't like doing certain types of offers, like surveys, you can skip them. You can get easy points with other activities like registering to websites or submitting a zip code.

To earn points from an offer, just click on it, follow its instructions and then click on the ✓Submit button. Some offers may not credit right away so just try others in the meantime. If no offers are crediting, you should try to clear your cookies (or enable them if they aren't enabled). Go here for more info.


Tasks are another quick way to earn some points. The task providers can be accessed by clicking Complete Tasks under Earn Points on the left side of instaGC's homepage. The best tasks are from CrowdFlower. Tasks are really easy to complete and don't ask you for any personal information. You're just given a set of instructions and when you complete them you get points. If you complete tasks with high accuracy, more tasks will be offered to you for completion.

Other Ways to Earn

There are plenty of other ways to earn points for your Nintendo eShop codes. Go ahead and browse the available options under Earn Points on the left side of the home page. Each section should have instructions on how you can earn points. 

Step 3: Redeem Points

When you have earned 1000 points you can receive a Nintendo eShop code! Click on Gift Cards Store on the side of the homepage under Redeem Points. Here you can view the site's available prizes. In the search bar enter "Wii U" (the code will work on 3DS/2DS too) and search.  Go ahead and click Redeem then select the amount which you wish to obtain.